Arduino Uno flash ROM programmer


See Using an Arduino to read/write a flash ROM . Basic deal is;

  • Can read/write an Am29F040 and possibly other flash ROMs
  • Based on meeprommer
  • Can use an Arduino Uno plus two 74HC595s OR two 74LS374s (edit config.h to choose). Wiring detail is in the .ino file.
  • Can transfer images to the programmer via atypical terminal program using xmodem (have tested with minicom). Note: You need to enable 256 byte serial receive buffers in your Arduino IDE to make this work. See the .ino file for details.


20160312 meeprommer-am29f040-0.02.tar.gz

  • Finally bought some 74HC595s, so have made it so it works with two 74HC595s  per the meeprommer schematic OR you can use two 74LS374s (you need to set a define in config.h to select what chips you’re using). I have altered how CE* , OE* and WE* are connected to be more like the original meeprommer, so you would need to change your circuit if you were using the previous 0.01 code (meeprommer uses  A3 for CE*, A4 for OE* and A5 for WE*)
  • Added in some md5 code, so you can md5sum sections of the flash ROM to confirm that everything has been written OK.
  • Some speedups (is a little bit faster).

20160205 meeprommer-am29f040-0.01.tar.gz

  • Modded meeprommer using two 74LS374s for address latching.
  • Has xmodem based writing
  • Can get the identity info from the flash ROM, but only knows the manufacturer and device code for a Am29F040.
  • Possibly works with a few other flash ROMs, though I have not extensively tested.