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The Amiga 600

So I recently bought an old Amiga 600 off ebay. It’s probably an odd purchase given I already have two Amiga 500’s and if anything “I always wanted an Amiga 1200, not a 600”. But I guess my son’s interest in more ‘kid size’ computers got the better of me, and I thought a 600 […]

The ZX Spectrum

So continuing on with my current binge in retro computing, I recently bought a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K. It was in quite good condition. It came with power supply, original box and manuals as well as tape cables and a cassette player with some original commercial games on tape. The keyboard still worked. Unlike all […]

Old yellow computers

If you have any old 80s computers that were originally beige in colour, it’s highly likely that (after 30 years) they have gone a rather yucky yellowy colour. I guess a lot of people must have thought ; the plastic is exposed to UV light during its lifetime and gradually the plastic fades or something […]