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Porting to Mac OS X

In my spare time I like to program. Usually in C … which a lot of people find bemusing.  My rationale is I spent my teenage years hacking assembly code on systems like the Amiga, so moving to C is like moving to a ‘high level language’. I never quite hopped on the Object Oriented […]

Media Centres and failing disk drives

For a long time now, I’ve used an old (black) xbox running XBMC as a media centre in my lounge room plugged into the TV. I just stream content to it, so it only has a little hard drive in it. Cost-wise its hard to beat, and XBMC has been updated enough over the years […]

Freeview Terrestrial in NZ

I’ve been playing around with TV tuner cards, Tivo’s and general PVR funcionality for a while now. Here in NZ, the free to air channels have only quite recently started broadcasting in digital, so most of my devices are analog. The digital Free To Air stuff (called Freeview here just like the UK) is broadcast […]