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remote cups printing on OS X

I have an Epson CX3500 multifunction printer/scannner/copier thing. Its spends most of it’s time with one ink tank requiring replacement. I should get rid of it, but it allows me to make excuses to go to my local Dick Smith Electronics store. Anyway, I have this USB CX3500 connected to my Debian Etch box and […]

kubuntu … maybe not

Ok, So I installed kubuntu 7.04 (feisty Fawn) on my 1.5GHz Thinkpad T42 with 1GB of ram. My expectation was that it would be as snappy to use as Archlinux. Sure I was running XFCE on Arch, and Kubuntu defaults to KDE … but I thought the machine is surely fast enough to disregard the […]

Never ending updates

I’ve been using Archlinux on my two Thinkpads here for quite some time now. Its generally been OK. It’s quite quick and configurable without forcing Gnome or KDE in your face. It has a package manager and everything seems to be compiled for i686 or better. One of the reasons I started using it was […]


So I generally hate Windows … mainly because I don’t trust it and the zillion creatures that live in it. And I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to make linux work the way I want … but I often have people ask me ‘Why don’t you just use OS X?’. Yes, it’s Unix […]

firefox x windows oddity

Here’s something odd that made me scratch my head. I have a Debian Etch server and a laptop running Archlinux. I was logged into the debian box and I thought I’d ssh across to the laptop and run firefox off the laptop, but using the Debian box’s monitor. So I did a : ssh -X […]