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A Thinkpad T410

Sometimes I think I spend too much time on ebay. I’m still using my Thinkpad R60 as a home server;  running with Scientific Linux 6.2, using it as a media server plus KVM VM hosting. But I’m always on the lookout for something (cheap)  to replace it, as it only goes to 3GB of ram […]

Upgrading to Snow Leopard

Yes, I know Snow Leopard has been out for ages, and I did actually purchase the ‘real’ install DVD for it some time ago, but well ‘Leopard’ seemed to be working fine on my Macbook, and well I’m very cynical of these claims that ‘upgrading is easy and trouble free’. However, I bought a Hitachi […]

Macbook memory upgrade

Well, I recently decided to upgrade my Macbook to 4GB of RAM. I can get by with just 2GB, but I had an excuse to spend some money before March 31. Anyway, I thought I did the right thing. I bought some Hynix RAM. I keep reading forum posts about Apple using Hynix in most […]


As part of my effort to practice ‘Gettings Things Done‘ I bought the Mailtags plugin for Of course, my GTD efforts are wavering a bit as the year progresses, but there are some things about Mailtags that are quite novel. A lot of people told me “You should get blahblah GTD app to do […]

Adding another id_rsa key in Leopard

Just a quick tip. If you use more than one id_rsa key for sshing around the place, you can add the second key into your keychain with something like: ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/my_other_key Be careful if you have the macports version of openssh installed as well. The -K option is specific to Apple’s ssh-add. Dave Dribin’s […]

Migrating from Thunderbird to

After several years of using Thunderbird as my email client, I thought I’d try moving to the native on the Mac. There’s nothing particularly wrong with Thunderbird, but it’s 2009 and I’d like to change. If I were to point to one thing in Thunderbird that annoys me, it would be the slowness of […]

Shut up Alex

Since getting the macbook I’ve been using iChat as my jabber client. It works fine. I’ve also turned on text-to-speech using the Alex voice for when new messages come in to a chatroom. I find I can then ‘listen in’ on chatroom discussions without having to have the chat window visible anywere. And the ‘Alex’ […]

Rewriting an app in Objective C/Cocoa

Well, after my mad dash to port my procedural C program to a very basic Cocoa App in Xcode, I had a look at the code and thought ‘what a mess’. So, given that I’m trying to learn to program for the Mac, I thought I would start rewriting the entire app using Objective C […]

Porting to Mac OS X

In my spare time I like to program. Usually in C … which a lot of people find bemusing.  My rationale is I spent my teenage years hacking assembly code on systems like the Amiga, so moving to C is like moving to a ‘high level language’. I never quite hopped on the Object Oriented […]

Media Centres and failing disk drives

For a long time now, I’ve used an old (black) xbox running XBMC as a media centre in my lounge room plugged into the TV. I just stream content to it, so it only has a little hard drive in it. Cost-wise its hard to beat, and XBMC has been updated enough over the years […]