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So I am quite enjoying playing around on my new C64. Loading stuff onto it is either by using uno2iec or using real floppies. uno2iec has the major convenience of ‘you just need an arduino and some wires’, but you still need a real PC (or rPi) attached. There’s also limitations to what uno2iec can […]

The ZXMore – part 2

So I’ve finally got the ZXMore together.  Here it is with all chips in, and just about to start doing the SMD tactile switches for the keyboard;

Commodore 64

So, next in my long list of computers I wanted but never could afford as a kid is the Commodore 64.  I can’t quite remember how much they cost in the early 80s in Australia. Definitely in the $300 or $400 region early on … and this was at a time when I could barely […]