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Getting Things Done … slowly

Atypically for me, I start the new year with ideas to change this and that. Then several weeks later I seem to go back to my usual habits. So recently I started reading ‘Getting Things Done by David Allen‘. Getting Things Done (or GTD) is a bit of an internet phenomenon (some might say cult). […]

Migrating from Thunderbird to

After several years of using Thunderbird as my email client, I thought I’d try moving to the native on the Mac. There’s nothing particularly wrong with Thunderbird, but it’s 2009 and I’d like to change. If I were to point to one thing in Thunderbird that annoys me, it would be the slowness of […]

Shut up Alex

Since getting the macbook I’ve been using iChat as my jabber client. It works fine. I’ve also turned on text-to-speech using the Alex voice for when new messages come in to a chatroom. I find I can then ‘listen in’ on chatroom discussions without having to have the chat window visible anywere. And the ‘Alex’ […]

linux sound

In my previous post I mentioned that I’d had some issues with sound in Debian Lenny. The problem was intermittent, but had something to do with the order of sound devices being recognised at boot (remember the PC speaker is a seperate sound device). For what it’s worth, I found a post somewhere that suggested […]


Just a quick snapshot of the past few weeks The north coast of NSW in Australia is rather nice at this time of year especially the beaches. Vista sucks. Per usual, you go on holiday and a friend or relative asks you to fix their computer. Computer #1 was a pretty high spec ASUS laptop […]