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Upgrading the Mac Mini Intel Core 2 Duo to 2GB

So I’ve had my Mac Mini for about half a year now. I thought the base 1GB configuration should have been good enough, but lately the Mac has been ‘feeling’ like the slowest machine here. I’ve already mentioned that the Mac Mini is not good for running VMware. And I have a lot of trouble […]

Asterisk | Music on Hold problems

I wanted to set up a special extension in Asterisk that would divert to my mobile. A week or two back I found the code to implement the *72* forward function. ie. you enter *72*<some number>. However I could not get it to work very well. So I just added a line to the inbound […]

Irex Iliad | Reading experience

Have you tried reading a book on a PC or laptop? Perhaps you’ve downloaded a pdf of a book and you start to read it. Usually I lose interest quite quickly. Reading a book off a brightly lit LCD screen is something that my brain just does not like. So up to now, I’ve happily […]