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OpenVZ and Asterisk and PAE

This post started out as a simple howto for installing Asterisk in an OpenVZ container on Debian Lenny. It all started out well, as a test box I used my core2duo server running Debian Lenny, did an apt-get of the openvz kernel image that is already in the Lenny standard repository, downloaded an OpenVZ template […]

Asterisk | Music on Hold problems

I wanted to set up a special extension in Asterisk that would divert to my mobile. A week or two back I found the code to implement the *72* forward function. ie. you enter *72*<some number>. However I could not get it to work very well. So I just added a line to the inbound […]

Asterisk PBX and the SPA 3102

I’ve had a Linksys SPA3102 for a while now connected up to a single VOIP provider. For the most part it works great. You turn it on and it pretty much always works. I like things that ‘just work’. But part of the reason I bought the SPA is because you can split it into […]