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Emulating floppies on the Amiga

So while I was pretty happy with being able to get ADF’s into readable floppies using ADTWin, I had actually ordered a gotek floppy drive on Aliexpress. There are quite a few places selling these. I paid about $25. The gotek has a STM32 microcontroller running some firmware that can read disk image files off […]

Writing floppies for the Amiga

So this is more of a part 2 to ‘Retro Computing and loading stuff‘ . One of the challenges I have with the Amiga is getting data from ADF images onto real floppy disks. Initially I used transwarp using a null modem serial cable. I was using linux as the source system, and without going […]

Retro computing and loading stuff

So after getting monitor output working on these old computers the next challenge is loading stuff. Generally, just about every game and application ever released for these old platforms has been ‘captured’ and is available for download. In the case of the Electron, the actual audio for tape loading of various games has been captured. […]