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Installing chrooted debian etch under slackware 12.0

OK, so now that I’ve installed slackware 12.0 on this TP600X I was thinking about how I might get on if I converted my T42 back to slackware. Surely there’d be a heap of packages I’d miss. Sure I could compile from source. I used to do that years ago when I ran Slackware on […]

Converting a tcp client program to SSL

Recently I updated a usenet client program I’d written to use SSL. The usenet NNTP protocol has been around for a very long time, and is a very simple text based protocol. The program I had is written in C and simply opens a tcp client socket to an NNTP server, promotes the socked to […]

back to slackware

I’ve been running Archlinux on two machines here for quite some time now. As per my previous posts, I was starting to get tired of the relentless updates that Arch has. One of my Arch machines is my Thinkpad T42. The other is my old Thinkpad 600X. The 600X is quite old and Arch has […]

NFS uid/gid mapping

UPDATE: The following post is referring to the user-mode NFS server that some linux distributions had when I wrote the post back in 2007. Now (2013), most distro’s just use the kernel based NFS server, which does not include the uid/gid remapping as far as I am aware.   My debian etch box is a […]

Thinkpad 600x scroll wheel

I have a Thinkpad 600x with an external keyboard and mouse. Its old technology, so the keyboard and mouse are both PS/2 devices and connect via a splitter cable to the single PS/2 port on the back. The mouse has a scroll wheel. The 600x runs Archlinux and no matter what I did I’ve never […]

virtual machines on OS X

I have a Windows XP virtual machine setup on vmware. Its a pretty basic build for when I need some specific Windows apps; it has an 8GB virtual drive, and 384MB of ram. Up until now I’ve run this VM on vmware on linux. I’ve tried quite a few incantations of vmware; Workstation, Server and […]