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Yet another Macbook keyboard

I’ve had my Macbook almost one year now. When I bought it (an apple refurbished model), I noticed that a lot of keys didn’t register very well, and I ended up replacing the macbook keyboard. That second hand replacement keyboard has served me well for the past 10 months or so, but recently it’s started […]

Using rsync to backup from OSX to linux

Warning; The discussion below relates to my attempts to use rsync to back up a directory on a MAC to a directory on a remote linux host. I never worked out how to get it to back up 100% of all the unusual metadata that MAC filesystems include, but it works well enough for my […]

Using perl CGI scripts with GWT

Google Web Toolkit (GWT)  has a great development environment using the built in jetty server, but the default setup is aimed at developing servlet style server-side programs. If you want your GWT client to simple do some GETs or POSTs to a CGI script somewhere, my initial thoughts were to use a different web server […]

vmware player performance

Well, after my excitement over KVM, I somehow found myself looking at vmware’s desktop products again (Workstation, Server, Player and Fusion). I use Fusion on my Macbook and it’s always worked great. I’ve never even had to consider trying to tweak anything to improve performance with Fusion. It’s always been great. Constrast that with running […]

Removing an md swap partition

My core2duo linux box here has been running a software RAID1 swap and root for some time now. Basically /dev/md1 is the mirrored swap using the first gig of two drives, and the root partition is /dev/md2 using partition 2 on the same drives. It all works quite well. Recently I was doing some experiments […]

GWT, Java and learning new stuff

I recently took on some work that involved creating a web frontend to some configuration data on a server. The configuration information was in an XML file, and essentially consisted of a list of server directories and various pieces of information related to each directory. The goal was to create some web frontend method of […]