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Repairing a Commodore 128

So I succumbed again, and bought a Commodore 128 off the local auction site. It was very yellow, advertised as ‘untested’, but came with a power supply. I bought it more for curiosity. I know most C128’s were simply used as C64s … and well .. I already have a C64C.

Comparing breadboards

So, as mentioned at the end of Recreating the Colecovision, a friend was interested in making one … so long as it came as some sort of ‘kit’. I then went and started ordering various bits and pieces. I often use various Chinese ebay sellers these days. One of the things I ordered were some […]


So I am quite enjoying playing around on my new C64. Loading stuff onto it is either by using uno2iec or using real floppies. uno2iec has the major convenience of ‘you just need an arduino and some wires’, but you still need a real PC (or rPi) attached. There’s also limitations to what uno2iec can […]

Retro computing and monitor output part 2

As per part 1 , I’ve been trying to find a solution for display output for ‘all’ of these old computers (so far two Amiga 500s, an A600, an A1200, a ZX Spectrum 48K, an Atari 800XL and an Acorn Electron). Basically I wanted a monitor or adapter and monitor that will ‘display any of […]

Amiga 1200

OK, maybe I do have a problem; two Amiga 500’s, an Amiga 600, and now an Amiga 1200. Surely one can have too many Amigas 😉 Well I always wanted an Amiga 1200. I remember in the early 90s, here I was a very enthusiastic Amiga 500 user, and the 1200 came out around the […]

The Amiga 600

So I recently bought an old Amiga 600 off ebay. It’s probably an odd purchase given I already have two Amiga 500’s and if anything “I always wanted an Amiga 1200, not a 600”. But I guess my son’s interest in more ‘kid size’ computers got the better of me, and I thought a 600 […]

Writing floppies for the Amiga

So this is more of a part 2 to ‘Retro Computing and loading stuff‘ . One of the challenges I have with the Amiga is getting data from ADF images onto real floppy disks. Initially I used transwarp using a null modem serial cable. I was using linux as the source system, and without going […]

Retro computing and loading stuff

So after getting monitor output working on these old computers the next challenge is loading stuff. Generally, just about every game and application ever released for these old platforms has been ‘captured’ and is available for download. In the case of the Electron, the actual audio for tape loading of various games has been captured. […]

Retro computing and monitor output

So I’m going through some kind of ‘retro computing’ urge at the moment. Sure I’ve used emulators, and I also have a Terasic DE-1 that can run as an Amiga or an old 8 bit Atari, but for whatever reasons its all ‘not quite the same as the real thing’. So I’ve collected my old […]

Atari 800 FPGA

So I was at my parents recently. My old Atari 800XL was in a cupboard, so I dug it out to see if it still worked. It did, and so I was quickly playing Star Raiders again. I wasn’t much of a gamer when I was younger, but I did spend a lot of time […]