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linux sky2 network driver

My main linux server here has a ASUS P5LD2 motherboard. I got it when the core 2 duo chips came out and it was one of the few motherboards that was affordable and that supported the core 2 duo. In many ways it’s quite a good motherboard as it has four SATA connectors and quite […]

Apple service and my macbook

OK, rather than continue to whinge about this macbook keyboard I took it in to an Apple Service Centre. As I’ve said, the symptom I have is that the keyboard works fine if I type slowly, but if I type fast, I get lots of characters missing. Some more than others (the L, P and […]

SSH vpn and other tricks

As a Unix sysadmin, I am using ssh every day. Its an innocuous little tool thats absolutely essential. Sure it does terminal sessions, but its all the other little features that make it quite indespensable; port forwarding, agent forwarding …. And they always seem to add in cool features that I never find out about […]

Yes the macbook keyboard still sucks

OK, so I’ve had the macbook a week now. I’m using it as my main computer and the keyboard is painful. I’m still doing lots of typos when I type fast. Especially the ‘l’ and ‘y’ keys. I’ve started to think that maybe it really is faulty, however other people seem to be annoyed as […]