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Retro computing and monitor output part 2

As per part 1 , I’ve been trying to find a solution for display output for ‘all’ of these old computers (so far two Amiga 500s, an A600, an A1200, a ZX Spectrum 48K, an Atari 800XL and an Acorn Electron). Basically I wanted a monitor or adapter and monitor that will ‘display any of […]


UPDATE: 20180207. I have added some of the Turbo mods used in PlayUEF, and also described on a few forum posts (here and here). More notes in the readme in the tar. freeuef-alsa-R3-0.2.tar.gz   freeuef-alsa is a modded version of the UNIX version of freeuef (for loading tape images into an Acorn Electron). I’m […]