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Google App Engine

I’m still working on this iphone game with a fellow iphone developer and another guy doing the graphics. As we get closer to release, I’m looking into how to implement an online top scores engine. It’s quite a complex problem. Here’s a few considerations Do you always submit the user’s score to an online server? […]


As part of my effort to practice ‘Gettings Things Done‘ I bought the Mailtags plugin for Of course, my GTD efforts are wavering a bit as the year progresses, but there are some things about Mailtags that are quite novel. A lot of people told me “You should get blahblah GTD app to do […]

Quick VM testing with OpenVZ

I’ve been running OpenVZ now on my T42 for a few weeks now, and its all going well. Certainly no complaints.  Basically the host is Debian Lenny and the two guests are also Debian Lenny; one as my asterisk server and the other is a small subversion server. Recently I had a problem with a […]

Adding another id_rsa key in Leopard

Just a quick tip. If you use more than one id_rsa key for sshing around the place, you can add the second key into your keychain with something like: ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/my_other_key Be careful if you have the macports version of openssh installed as well. The -K option is specific to Apple’s ssh-add. Dave Dribin’s […]

Windows XP needs more than 256MB

A few years back, if someone asked me “How much RAM do you need to run XP?” I’d probably say 256MB is fine, but 512MB will make things run great. That was a few years ago. Fast forward a few years, and well I only use Windows when I have to, usually in a virtual […]

iphone ad-hoc’ing

One of the key tasks with iphone software development is getting other people to test your app before you release it on the app store. Apple have a reasonably straight forward setup for testing your code on your own iphone or ipod touch, but to get others to test it you need to create ad-hoc […]