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Google App Engine

I’m still working on this iphone game with a fellow iphone developer and another guy doing the graphics. As we get closer to release, I’m looking into how to implement an online top scores engine. It’s quite a complex problem. Here’s a few considerations Do you always submit the user’s score to an online server? […]

iphone ad-hoc’ing

One of the key tasks with iphone software development is getting other people to test your app before you release it on the app store. Apple have a reasonably straight forward setup for testing your code on your own iphone or ipod touch, but to get others to test it you need to create ad-hoc […]

An iphone game

After my first iphone app got out the door, Ive been quite stagnant in the ideas department. And it’s not like I’m raking money in on my one app. Let’s just say it could be a while before I get to Apples minimum threshold for payment. But as luck would have it, I recently met […]

Finally have an iphone app out

Well I finally got an App out the door and it’s sitting on itunes. I think one person has bought it!!! Wow. One person has already complained about it too (I think there must be people that just trawl itunes looking for things to complain about). I don’t think he bought it. It’s a pretty […]