Finally have an iphone app out

Well I finally got an App out the door and it’s sitting on itunes. I think one person has bought it!!! Wow. One person has already complained about it too (I think there must be people that just trawl itunes looking for things to complain about). I don’t think he bought it. It’s a pretty basic ‘first’ app, so now I need to get my head down to think up something a bit more interesting for my ‘second’ app.

It’ll be interesting to see where the App Store phenomenon goes.There’s now over 10000 apps on the store … and so you end up with a lot of similar apps … and also it makes it more difficult to find the app you want. There’s also a natural tendency for apps to end up at 99cents or free now. We shall see. ¬†At the moment, it’s got me interested in programming again … and that’s good.