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Lenny upgrade … continued

Well it’s been about a week running Lenny and its mostly all good. But I found one program had a problem with it. Interestingly it was a program I wrote myself. It’s this C based program that opens multiple download threads … etc. My most recent version seemed to run fine on Etch … but […]

Upgrading from Etch to Lenny

So my Debian Etch based server has been ticking along for a while now. I chose Etch over lots of other distros as I don’t like loads and loads of updates.  I just want something reasonably stable and reasonably up to date. However, recently I tried to upgrade the non-free adobe flashplayer plugin to 10.something […]

Finally have an iphone app out

Well I finally got an App out the door and it’s sitting on itunes. I think one person has bought it!!! Wow. One person has already complained about it too (I think there must be people that just trawl itunes looking for things to complain about). I don’t think he bought it. It’s a pretty […]