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pcduino3 nano

So I recently bought a pcduino3 nano . I have completely avoided the Arduino and Raspberry Pi crazes. Especially for the Raspberry I never quite saw the point of a computer that used an SD card as a hard drive and had no sata connector. However I did like the idea of a very tiny […]

A Thinkpad T410

Sometimes I think I spend too much time on ebay. I’m still using my Thinkpad R60 as a home server;  running with Scientific Linux 6.2, using it as a media server plus KVM VM hosting. But I’m always on the lookout for something (cheap)  to replace it, as it only goes to 3GB of ram […]


KVM in this case is the linux  ‘Kernel-based Virtual Machine’, not Keyboard/Video/Mouse. I’ve always been puzzled why you would name the new whiz bang virtualization technology for linux the same as a rather mundane piece of equipment found in most data centres. So I’ve been a big virtual machine user for many years. Mainly using […]

Quick VM testing with OpenVZ

I’ve been running OpenVZ now on my T42 for a few weeks now, and its all going well. Certainly no complaints.  Basically the host is Debian Lenny and the two guests are also Debian Lenny; one as my asterisk server and the other is a small subversion server. Recently I had a problem with a […]

VMware ESXi on a Thinkpad T42

As per my previous post, I’ve put OpenVZ on my old Thinkpad T42. However, prior to trying OpenVZ, I installed Vmware ESXi on the T42. Amazingly it does install and it does run, but I gave up on it due to poor performance. The T42 has a gig of RAM and a 5400RPM drive, and […]

OpenVZ and Asterisk and PAE

This post started out as a simple howto for installing Asterisk in an OpenVZ container on Debian Lenny. It all started out well, as a test box I used my core2duo server running Debian Lenny, did an apt-get of the openvz kernel image that is already in the Lenny standard repository, downloaded an OpenVZ template […]

linux sound

In my previous post I mentioned that I’d had some issues with sound in Debian Lenny. The problem was intermittent, but had something to do with the order of sound devices being recognised at boot (remember the PC speaker is a seperate sound device). For what it’s worth, I found a post somewhere that suggested […]

Lenny upgrade … continued

Well it’s been about a week running Lenny and its mostly all good. But I found one program had a problem with it. Interestingly it was a program I wrote myself. It’s this C based program that opens multiple download threads … etc. My most recent version seemed to run fine on Etch … but […]

Upgrading from Etch to Lenny

So my Debian Etch based server has been ticking along for a while now. I chose Etch over lots of other distros as I don’t like loads and loads of updates.  I just want something reasonably stable and reasonably up to date. However, recently I tried to upgrade the non-free adobe flashplayer plugin to 10.something […]

Porting to Mac OS X

In my spare time I like to program. Usually in C … which a lot of people find bemusing.  My rationale is I spent my teenage years hacking assembly code on systems like the Amiga, so moving to C is like moving to a ‘high level language’. I never quite hopped on the Object Oriented […]