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Replacement seagate drive

After my recent hard drive failure, someone suggested I go to the seagate website and type in it’s serial number to see if it was still under warranty. Sure enough it was under warranty until 2010 (must have been a 5 year warranty). Anyway, I followed the instructions to RMA the drive, and wrapped it […]

Another macbook keyboard

So I’ve been using my Macbook for several weeks now with the keyboard in a somewhat bastardised form. To recap, the keyboard on my refurb’d macbook seems to work ok if I type slow, but is complete rubbish missing lots of keystrokes if I type fast. I took it to an Apple service centre and […]

bad blocks

A few days ago, for whatever reason I found myself repeatedly compiling linux kernels in order to solve some ext3 performance problem (my theory was that kernels after 2.6.18 have very high wait io for ext3 filesystems). This was on my linux server with lots of disk drives. Three of the drives are 300GB ones […]

Upgrading Windows Computers

Like many IT professionals, I have friends and family who ask me various computer help questions, and also get me to do system upgrades. This is usually for Windows XP based systems. Recently my inlaws were hinting that they wanted to upgrade. For a few years now they’ve had an old Athlon 1800, 384MB of […]