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An iphone game

After my first iphone app got out the door, Ive been quite stagnant in the ideas department. And it’s not like I’m raking money in on my one app. Let’s just say it could be a while before I get to Apples minimum threshold for payment. But as luck would have it, I recently met […]

VMware ESXi on a Thinkpad T42

As per my previous post, I’ve put OpenVZ on my old Thinkpad T42. However, prior to trying OpenVZ, I installed Vmware ESXi on the T42. Amazingly it does install and it does run, but I gave up on it due to poor performance. The T42 has a gig of RAM and a 5400RPM drive, and […]

OpenVZ and Asterisk and PAE

This post started out as a simple howto for installing Asterisk in an OpenVZ container on Debian Lenny. It all started out well, as a test box I used my core2duo server running Debian Lenny, did an apt-get of the openvz kernel image that is already in the Lenny standard repository, downloaded an OpenVZ template […]