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The ZXMore – part 1

I spend a bit of time looking at in the ‘Vintage’ computer sections. The UK was really the centre of interesting 80s home computers … so there is a lot of variety. However I recently came across which is an auction site purely for the retro computing community.  Not only are their old […]

Reviving the Colecovision

So not only did I retrieve a 5 1/4″ floppy drive from my parents recently, but I also grabbed the family Colecovision and my brothers old Acorn Electron. Since this was all fitting in my luggage going from Australia to NZ, the Colecovision was mostly disassembled to bring back. In fact I only bought back […]

Amigas and 5 1/4″ drives

So, all Amigas came with 3 1/2″ floppy drives back in the 1980s/90s. Initially when the Amiga 1000 came out 3 1/2″ diskettes were quite expensive compared to the then older 5 1/4″ diskettes. I had two older brothers with Amiga 1000’s, and I later bought my A500 in 1988. Given that we were all […]

Arduinos and retrocomputing

In the past year I’ve acquired a few Arduinos (two Uno’s and one Nano). They were cheap chinese clones … and well they have sat in the drawer for most of the year … as I haven’t actually figured out much to do with them … until now.

Amiga 500 internal 512K expansion

So I have two Amiga 500s. One is a rev 5 motherboard one from my childhood. Another, I bought recently having a rev 6 motherboard. Both have an extra 512K so a total of 1MB of RAM which is pretty much ‘what you need’ to do most stuff on an A500. My rev 5 one […]