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Using an Arduino to read/write a flash ROM

So with my Funvision and Colecovision projects I tended to use a big 512K flash ROM (eg. Am29F040) to store multiple game images that I could toggle between. I have a Willem programmer to program it, and ultimately it’s pretty quick to program it, swap it in to the breadboard and try something else. But […]

Using an Arduino to read/write a static RAM

So I’ve been busy lately making some homebrew microprocessor systems. When you make a system from scratch you have to figure out how to get it to boot some code. There is no built in flash or ISP mode in these old school microprocessors, so you need to figure out how to get some code […]

Arduinos and retrocomputing

In the past year I’ve acquired a few Arduinos (two Uno’s and one Nano). They were cheap chinese clones … and well they have sat in the drawer for most of the year … as I haven’t actually figured out much to do with them … until now.